Library Reopen Update

Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you to everyone who adjusted quickly to our in-person library service closing on December 7th.  We are working through details for the next phases but wanted to give everyone an update.

Library Reopen Update

We are planning to reopen on Monday, December 21 with limited services.  We will focus on providing computer access to customers along with fax and copying.  We are working on the details and procedures for our new reopen plan and will have that information out next week.  We have created a cross department library staff team to help finalize the details and develop the procedures for the Reopen Phase 1 plan.  We will be limiting spaces that are open to the public much like we did when we reopened in June.

Why Reopen

When we decided to close there were three major factors: the community scorecard, the number of staff quarantined, and the need to reset and evaluate our services and procedures.  While the community scorecard will more than likely still be at a high level, we should have several staff members return to work and we will have reduced services and procedures to minimize risk.  We feel it is important for the library to continue to provide our most essential services at this time and for customers to be able to utilize their library.  We will keep our reduced hours like we have currently and supervisors will be maintaining their pod-style staffing in order to limit the number of colleagues each staff person will work with directly.

All Staff Meeting

We will be holding an All Staff Meeting over Zoom on Wednesday, December 16 to discuss the reopen plan.  We will have more details, including an invite and the exact time, sent out soon.  If you are available, please join us so you can hear more or ask questions.

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, December 16 – All Staff Meeting
  • Monday, December 21 – Library Reopen Phase 1
  • Monday, January 4 – Library Reopen Phase 2

I know there are probably still many questions you have and while we are still working on the details, please feel free to speak with your supervisor, manager or the COVID 19 team (Thad Hartman, Jesse Maddox, Diana Friend, Marie Pyko)

Again,  thank you for your continued hard work and flexibility since March.  It is really appreciated.

Thad Hartman, Interim CEO, Covid 19 Team

Jesse Maddox, Chief Human Resources Officer, Covid 19 Team

Diana Friend, Communications and Marketing Director, Covid 19 Team

Marie Pyko, Public Services Director, Covid 19 Team

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