Library Closed Beginning Monday, December 7

Shawnee County Health Department announced yesterday that the COVID-19 transmission rate is in the uncontrolled zone for the fifth week in a row. In addition to this, we currently have 16 staff members quarantined due to COVID exposure.  We convened the COVID-19 Team to determine the appropriate response for the library. We met yesterday and today to make decisions about operations, logistics, schedules, and communications.

As of Monday, December 7, we are suspending in-person services at the library for two weeks.  We will send out a news release later today.  Over the next two weeks we will evaluate our situation and determine our plan for December 21.  Our goal is to be able to reopen with at least some limited in-person services, similar to what we did in June earlier this year.

I’m sure everyone has questions about how this impacts their schedules.  Your supervisor will be in contact with you about that soon and we will follow up with more information and details over the next few days.

Although the library will be closed, we’ll be ensuring people have access to books and other materials by continuing our popular curb-side delivery program and expanding the TSCPL@Home delivery service. We’ll also continue online programming and events and will be increasing that content as well.  We will also continue to answer telephone reference phone calls and emails.   We recently upgraded our public WIFI network and will make sure the public knows that they may use our WIFI in the library’s parking lot.

Staff who can work from home may be able to do so. This will be coordinated with supervisors based on the work of your position.  Other staff may be re-assigned to support public access to collections as needed.  A large number of staff will work from home part of the time and work in the building or be out on deliveries part of the time. Through December 21st staff will receive their full pay using inclement conditions leave for hours not worked.

Remember that more messages are coming. Please continue to check your email and the staff intranet at

Your supervisor or manager will be in contact with you about your schedule for the next week.

We appreciate the work you’ve done and will do. We know this is a stressful time for us all. Please know that we will continue to make decisions with your and the public’s safety in mind as well as to ensure that we continue to support the community in ways only their library can provide. Never doubt that you and the work you do are making a difference for many people.


Many thanks,

The COVID-19 Team

Thad Hartman, Interim CEO;
Diana Friend, Communications and Marketing Director;
Jesse Maddox, Chief Human Resources Officer;
Marie Pyko, Public Services Director

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