Meal locations and other notes

Staff Meal Locations

With the weather cooling down, Claire’s Courtyard isn’t a very appealing option for lunches and breaks. Because of this we are starting to run out of room in our designated break areas. Therefore, we are adding the old Technical Services workroom on the second floor to the list of options of places to eat during meals and breaks.

A few notes about this space. Please use one of the desks on the west side of the room for meals and breaks, as it is possible someone might be working on the east side. There will be plenty of distance between the two sides of the room and we will have two air purifiers in the room. However, it’s still best to keep as much distance as possible. After eating, please clean off the surface you were eating at so that it is sanitary for the next person. Please remember we also still have places to eat available in the breakroom and the public services meeting room.

Food in Library / Vending Machines

We are currently not allowing customers to eat food in the library. This is due to COVID and the issues it raises related to masks and the touching of mouths and then touching other surfaces. Customers can eat in Claire’s Courtyard if they wish, but not inside the building. Customers can take a drink from a cup with a lid, but they can only pull their mask down momentarily to drink and must pull their mask back up when they are finished. Because of the food rule, and because Engroffs has not been refilling them, we have covered up the vending machines outside of the Edge so that customers won’t try and use them.

Staff Parking

We will continue to allow staff to park in the public lot on the outside of the parking lot. However, please remember that this is a temporary measure. We will reevaluate this in 2021, but for the rest of 2020 everyone may continue to park on the outside edges of the public parking lot.

staff parking on the edges of the public parking lot

currently allowed staff parking


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