Operations Update


As the situation within the county changes, we continue to review and update our operational procedures.  Please review this overview of our most current procedures.   Take care and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!


Library Closure

  • Per the instructions of the Board of Trustees at its special meeting on March 25th, the Library will be closed until April 26th. That is in accordance with the Stay at Home order from the Shawnee County Health Department. We will continue to follow the mandates and recommendations of our local and state public health officials.
  • Library staff, including shelving assistants, will continue to be paid for regularly scheduled hours during the library closure.


  • All return drop boxes have been closed and we are not accepting any material returns or donations.
  • Everything that is currently checked out is being automatically renewed even items that do not normally allow renewals, such as Bestseller Express and items with reserves. There is no renewal limit.
  • No overdue fines are accruing, and no overdue notices are being sent out.
  • Our collections agency is not contacting anyone about existing fines.
  • We are not allowing new reserves on physical materials. Existing reserves will remain and will be triggered once check in resumes.
  • Digital downloads are being purchased while we’re closed, including Macmillan titles. Macmillan has ended their embargo for libraries and we are now purchasing Macmillan titles that we had passed on purchasing during the embargo.


  • The Finance department can perform most of their work remotely and have successfully processed paychecks for this Friday.
  • Kim will need to pick up bills that arrive in the mail once a week.
  • Beginning with the next pay period, direct deposit of paychecks is required for all staff. This is to ensure that the Library is working in accordance with the Shawnee County Health Department’s Stay at Home order and to limit the work and personal contact that occurs in the building. All staff affected have been contacted.

Building Access

  • The building is closed to staff without permission from Chief of Staff Thad Hartman. If staff need access to the building, contact your supervisor first, who will contact Thad.
  • Facilities staff can monitor all the building’s major systems remotely, including the HVAC and security cameras. There are also alarms that will alert them if there is an issue.
  • We will still accept deliveries from USPS and UPS, but all other vendors will not be allowed into the building without permission.


  • Library administration will give regular updates to staff via email, News 2 Use, and the private Facebook group, Topeka Library Staff-Only Group.
  • The new Facebook group is restricted to TSCPL employees and available to keep us connected to each other, to have some fun, lighten our spirits, and share how we’re doing at home.
  • Communications and Marketing has developed a plan for how we will communicate with the public via our regular channels.
  • We will not print a summer issue of the Library News. Things are changing so quickly, and we don’t know what exactly we will be doing this summer, we have decided to limit our print publications and rely on digital communications as much as possible.

Online Services

  • We are heavily promoting our digital resources and have increased the Hoopla limit to 15 checkouts a month.
  • Several staff members have recorded story times and programs which we have been pushing out on Facebook.  These videos (along with the others we have done) have received a great response from the public!
  • AskTSCPL is being staffed by public services librarians from their home computers.
  • We have videos on Facebook of staff members recommending books that are available on one of our digital download services.
  • We have videos of staff (is this on FB or YouTube?) demonstrating digital resources.
  • We are continuing to look for other ways to serve our customers online. If you have ideas, please let your supervisor know.

Facilities Master Plan

  • The work in Technical Services and the Gallery has been put on hold. This will resume once the building has re-opened and should be completed shortly thereafter.
  • Other projects will be pushed back. We are in the process of seeking bids for the demolition of the Hearing Aid building at 10th and Mulvane.  We were hoping to have demolition started in May or June, but that will have to occur later in the year.

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