Inclement Weather Procedures

With snow coming early this year it might be a good time to review our procedures for how the library handles inclement weather.  It is library practice to avoid closing for inclement weather. However, sometimes it is just not possible to be open.  Please review the following inclement weather policies and procedures.

Closed Notification

Here are the best ways to find out if the library is closed:

  • Call the main library number at 580-4400. The message will say if we are closed and for how long.  If it is the normal message, we will be open as scheduled.
  • Check the website at The website will indicate if we are closed.
  • Check the library’s Facebook feed. If we make the decision to close it will be posted here.
  • NEW! – You can now subscribe to the Library’s weather alert texting service for staff. You can sign up by texting “LIBALERTS” to 33222.  If the library closes because of inclement weather you will receive a text notification.

Each of these communication channels is updated as soon as a decision is made.  They are the quickest ways to find out whether or not we have closed.  You can also watch TV and radio for information about closing.  Diana Friend reports this as soon as we make the decision but the stations are fielding calls from a large number of places and it may take some time for our statement to appear.

Please remember that if you think there is a chance that the library might be closed, it is your responsibility to check one of these channels to see if the library will be closed.  The only way to guarantee that you will get a personal notification is if you sign up for the texting service.

In the event the library opens late due to weather, read or listen to the entire message, because staff may be required to report earlier than the time the library opens.  If staff are required to report early, it will be noted in the closed message.

Essential staff may be required to report to work when the library is closed. Essential staff are designated by their departments as being essential to library operations during inclement conditions. They are employees who must perform duties essential to the safety, services, and maintenance of persons and/or property during inclement conditions.


Staff Attendance and Time Cards

The following rules apply in situations of inclement conditions that prevent employees from reporting to work:

Inclement Weather – Library Remains Open

  • If the library remains open, only those employees who report to work during these inclement conditions will be paid. The pay will be equal to the actual hours worked. Employees who do not report to work may use accrued vacation leave to offset lost work hours.
  • If the library remains open and an employee is allowed to go home early during inclement conditions, those employees will be paid only for the hours worked; accrued vacation leave may be used to offset lost work hours.

Inclement Weather – Library Closes

  • If employees are sent home early by the Library or if the Library opens late, all employees, except shelvers, will be paid for all hours those employees were scheduled to work during the time the library is closed, plus actual hours worked that day.
  • If the Library is closed all day because of inclement conditions, all employees, except shelvers, will be paid for the hours those employees were scheduled to work.
  • If an employee calls in prior to the decision to close the library because of inclement weather or if they had already scheduled time off for vacation, sick, or other leave then they will still need to use their own leave time.


Only Specific Library Services Closing

Occasionally services such as Bookmobile, the Learn and Play Bus, or Red Carpet will not run because of inclement weather even though the main library remains open.  These decisions are generally made by the department manager or supervisor or the Manager in Charge.

If this happens then staff who are scheduled on the vehicle and the rest of the library will be notified.  Digital Services and Communications and Marketing will post this information on the library website and social media.

If the main library is open, staff who are scheduled to go out on a vehicle that does not run will follow the time card and attendance policies and procedures listed above in the “Inclement Weather – Library Remains Open” section.

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