Staff Parking

I reviewed our parking procedures with security and would like to update and clarify our expectations for staff parking.

  • The two lots south of 11th Street are designated as staff parking and all staff should park there for all shifts, Monday-Sunday, with a few exceptions. Your library parking tag should be on display in your vehicle.
  • If those lots are completely full you may park in the public lot, but only in locations furthest from the building entrance. This is to maintain parking availability to our customers, especially those who may have small children or have mobility issues.
  • Evening and weekend staff should park in the lots across 11th street so that we leave as a group and security and the Manager in Charge can keep an eye on everyone.
  • The 1001 Garfield area is under construction and only construction crews and early hours maintenance staff (arriving before 7:00 AM or working past 9:15 PM) are permitted to park there at this time.
  • Staff who work past 9:15 PM (primarily custodial staff who work until midnight) can park on the dock.  During the day these staff member should park at 1001 Garfield and then park on the back dock after they return from lunch.
  • Staff with a United Way or Foundation parking space can park in those designated spaces.
  • Staff who need special parking accommodations should speak with supervisory staff and HR.

Once construction is complete in Claire’s Courtyard we will work on repairing and refinishing the parking lot in 1001 Garfield.  Once this work is complete we will be able to open that lot up to evening and weekend staff.  Until then, we need to park in the appropriate locations.  If you have any questions please feel free to let your supervisor or me know.  Thanks!

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