Clovis Public Library and Active Shooter

You may have heard about a tragic shooting incident at the Clovis, NM public library yesterday.  ( )Greg and I discussed this first thing this morning to make sure our plan was in place.


We have no reason to suspect anything like that would at TSCPL but it is always a good idea to go over the expected responses to something like this when it is fresh in our minds.


Law enforcement still recommends the best response to an active shooter is:


Run       Hide      Fight



If something happens and you can safely get away from the area and out of the building, that should be your first response.  IF, you can assist members of the public and other staff, and still be safe, please do so. If the public will follow your lead, that is great, but you do not have time to waste arguing with them about what to do. Your personal safety should be your primary concern. As soon as you are safe, report anything you know to the police and library security so they can use that information.



If you cannot run to safety, find a place to hide.  Turn off your phone so it doesn’t make noise and give away your hiding place, do anything you can to block doors, barricade yourself in place. If you can hide with members of the public and other staff, please do so. Again, your personal safety is your primary concern. Do not come out of hiding until you are confident that it is safe to do so.




If you have no other option, then it is best to fight.  Use chairs, books, anything at hand to attack the person and defend yourself.


If you have questions, please check with Greg Gaul, Safety and Security Manager



6 thoughts on “Clovis Public Library and Active Shooter

  1. Meredith Snepp on said:

    I am part of a Facebook group for library employees, and one person posted that it might be a nice idea to send support to the librarians in terms of words of encouragement. She suggested cards be sent to:

    Clovis-Carter Public Library
    701 N. Main St.
    Clovis, NM 88101

    Please don’t feel obligated, but it might be a nice gesture of support to send out some positivity to them!

  2. Terry Miller on said:

    With all the changes in the Public Services area, I was wondering if we are going to have panic buttons somewhere that we can quickly access as we now have at the desks. Also, will we have other means of contacting security? Thank you.

    • Rob Banks on said:

      Terry, Greg is exploring options on how to contact security given the new roaming style of work. There are several relatively new bits of technology that might work really well for us. At this point, we don’t even have costs of any of them but it is a work in progress.

  3. andrea-bair on said:

    Unfortunately these events happen, but I think reminders of this kind, as well as other emergency procedures, throughout the year help to keep staff prepared. Fortunately we don’t use them often and an occasional reminder helps might keep it fresh in our minds.

    • Rob Banks on said:

      Thank you. I hope that by doing this occasionally we never have to use any of these techniques!