Entering your goals in Paycom

As part of your annual evaluation, you and your supervisor will determine goals for the coming year. These may include goals from your Individual Learning Plan (ILP) your Work Plan (if you have one) or other goals you and/or your supervisor wish for you to accomplish in the year.  Goals may cover a lot of subjects so may be different than my example.  I entered one so you can see the process.

Log in to Paycom.

On the front screen you will see a tile like this:

Click on “My Goals” and this screen will appear.

In the top upper right-hand corner you see  “Add Personal Goal +”

Click on the plus sign and this screen will appear:


I filled this form out with a goal to learn to do formulas in Excel as an example for you of what it might look like. The two items on the “Metric Type” line are required.  We are not using them so you may fill those in with any of the options.  As far as I know, it will not impact anything you do.

Once you click on the Green button that says “Add new goal” it will look like this.

Notice the “Request Status” box shows “Pending”  Your supervisor will see this on their Paycom site and will approve your goal for you.  Which will then look like this:

Notice it now indicates “Approved”

In my example goal, I’m proposing to take a class in Lynda.com.  I would have a certificate at the end of that class.  I can click on the “Learn to do formulas in Excel” in the above screen and it will take be back to the screen above that one, where i entered the goal.  Towards the bottom of the screen you will notice the “Upload Additional Documentation:  “Choose file”  That is where I could upload my certificate or any other documents, emails, etc that are relevant to the goal.

Also notice the “Update Progress” at the right end.  If you click on the Green pad of paper you will see this screen:

This is where you track your progress with the goal. The drop down box for Status looks like this. You can make notes, adjust your % of completion and status as you move through the process.  In my instance above, once I took the class, I would mark this as 100% complete and set the status to “Completed.”


If you have questions, please post them in the replies here or ask your supervisor.  We will help you get this done.  A really nice thing is that you cannot break this part, so don’t worry.

Thanks.  Rob



One thought on “Entering your goals in Paycom

  1. Jeri Eckhardt on said:

    Rob, I finished one goal so I marked the progress as “completed” and the goal disappeared. Is there a place we can go to see the goals we have completed?