Security Access to patron data

We have a number of new people since I sent this out last so here is a reminder:


Greg Gaul, Safety and Security Manager, Wally Trimble, Lead Safety Officer and Chris Bowers, Safety Officer are all employees of the library.  As such, they are all authorized to request patron data from Polaris at any time as a part of their job.


They are all trained in patron confidentiality and know when and what information is appropriate for them to access.  If they request information from Polaris, please give it to them.  They are asking in order to resolve a problem.


For example:  They need to have parental contact information for unattended children.


If they request it and tell you it is an emergency, please get it for them as quickly as you can.


The police officers do NOT have that same access.  They have been instructed to not ask, but if they ask, do not give it to them. They are not employees with the same status as our three security officers.


If you have questions, please check with me.  I want you to be comfortable with this process.


Thank you





One thought on “Security Access to patron data

  1. andrea-bair on said:

    Rob, Thanks, I appreciate these reminders. It helps increase my comfort and reinforces useful information. Andrea