Lock it, Remove it or Lose it Signs

You will notice two new signs in front of the library today.

These signs are part of a city-wide campaign by the Safe Streets Coalition to make Topeka the Safest Capital City in the U.S.

The major crime issue in topeka is automible theft and breakin.  the huge majority of these can be prevented by some very small easy steps:

Lock it – approximately 80% of car thefst/breakins could be prevented simply by locking the car.  It minimizes the chance of an "opportunity" theft. If the car is locked, it takes more effort to steal things.

Remove it – Don't leave things in your car or in plain sight.

Lose it – If things are out and available, it is merely a matter of time until they are stolen.

These are good steps for you to follow, and we are reminding people in larger parking lots in the city.  Especially as we head into the holiday season, it will be a good reminder to people.  Rest assured, we have not had a large problem with this at the library,but with our large parking lot and significant numbers of people passing through here, it is a good place to get out the message.

I need your help:

TSCPL will be assigned three of these signs.  I brought two signs from the meeting today.  At this point, they are on the front apron.

Where do you think they would be effective?

Keep in mind our Maintenance staff will put them out each morning and take them in each evening, so we don't want them too far away.

Post your suggestions to this blog post and we can decide on the best locations.

Thank you for your help.

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